Q. When will the White Paper be issued?
A. The White Paper is available now. You can access it here.

Q. How much will each token cost during the Token Sale?
A. USD $0.0069 per NUG token in the pre-sale and USD $0.0086 per NUG token in the public sale.

Q. Can I participate if I’m a US resident or citizen?
A. No. US residents can not participate in the Token Sale, due to SEC regulations.

Q. How many tokens will be issued?
A. A total of 10 billion tokens will be issued, with 2.2 billion being available in the Token Sale.

Q. How much do you plan to raise in the Token Sale?
A. The Token Sale will be hard capped at a total raise of 20,000 ETH to fund the platform launch and carry Nuggets to profitability.

Q. Will there be any discounts offered for early token purchasers?
A. Nuggets Tokens will be available at a 20% discount in the pre-sale.

Q. When will the Token Sale launch?
A. The public sale will take place on Monday 18th June

Q. When will the Token Sale finish?
A. The public sale will last three days after it starts on 18th June, or until this allocation is sold.

Q. Is there a minimum investment?
A. The minimum contribution accepted during any period of the Token Sale is 0.01 ETH. Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.

Q. Can I invest directly from an exchange?
A. You should carefully review best practices for token purchases and platform capabilities. We suggest depositing funds from your Wallet.

Q. What currencies can I use to buy Nuggets tokens?
A. You can participate in the purchase of Nuggets tokens with BTC, ETH or fiat.

Q. Will the token be on an Exchange(s)?
A. We do not comment on or permit discussion of exchanges, market price or market appreciation. Comments about these topics on our message boards and blog will be deleted by the moderators. Repeated infractions will earn you a permanent restriction on posting within all and any of our community platforms.

Q. What can I use the tokens for?
A. Nuggets tokens can be used for the consumptive use of the platform. This is detailed further in the White Paper.

Q. Is the Token Sale open to purchasers in the US and outside the US?
A. Yes to outside of the US (with some exceptions), but no to purchasers in the US. More details can be found in the Token Purchase Agreement.

Q. What if the Token Sale doesn’t raise the amount being targeted?
A. The structure of the Nuggets token offering, including matters related to the target raise amounts, are outlined in the White Paper.

Q. Do you have a Telegram, Slack or Reddit channel?
A. Yes, we have a Telegram channel. You can find us on https://t.me/nuggetsblockchain.

Q. Is this token a “utility” token?
A. We believe so. The Nuggets Token is a consumptive use product permitting access to the services provided by Nuggets. Nuggets Tokens are not intended for speculation and holds no rights or claims to intellectual or other property or cash flows.

Q. How will I purchase Nuggets Tokens?
A. You will create an account at the Nuggets Token Hub page and purchase tokens via the token issuance platform once the sale commences


Q. How does Nuggets work?
A. Nuggets is a consumer blockchain platform giving users a single biometric tool for login, payment and identity verification, without sharing or storing private data. With Nuggets, you create a secure ‘personal cloud’ of data in zero-knowledge blockchain storage. Not even Nuggets can access this data. You decide if and when you want to share it, and do so on your own terms. Nuggets gives power back to the people, enabling ‘self-sovereign identity’ on a mass scale. And it frees companies from the burden of storing and protecting millions of customer records.

You can also see a video example here.

More info can be found on the Nuggets website here.

Q. What can I use Nuggets Tokens for?
A. You get Nuggets Tokens when you sign up, refer, login, pay or verify with Nuggets, and if you choose to share some of your information. Once you have Tokens, you can use them to buy products and services with merchants in the Nuggets ecosystem without compromising your security.

Q. What makes this different to other platforms like CIVIC?
A. With Nuggets, you can forget about usernames, passwords, and tapping payment details into dozens of different accounts.

Once you’re set up on the app, you can use Nuggets to pay, login or verify your identity using just your fingerprint (or other biometrics). And every time you do, you earn Nuggets Tokens, which you can spend with any Nuggets partner.

Blockchain technology means you keep control of your information. Nuggets doesn’t share or store your data with anyone, and no one can access it – not even Nuggets itself.

Simple, secure payment: Just select the Nuggets option, confirm with your fingerprint (or other biometrics), and you’re done. Without having to share your personal information. And if you pay with Nuggets Tokens, you save money too!

No more passwords: It’s the same process for logging in to an account. No usernames. No passwords. No ‘What was the name of your mother’s childhood cat?’ And if you ever need to update your details, just do it once – in Nuggets.

Rewards every time: From the moment you sign up, you’re earning Nuggets Tokens. Then you can use them to pay any merchant on the platform. So you can use Nuggets Tokens earned from an airline, say, to help pay for shoes.

No other platform offers all this. There are other identity apps. There are other payment apps. There is nothing that does both, combined with the ultimate security of the blockchain and a token system that rewards you as you go.

Q. When will the Nuggets Platform launch?
A. The platform launched in May 2018.

Q. Will the Nuggets platform be a mobile app only?
A. Nuggets will be available across Mobile (iOS and Android), but you can also use it for services on your desktop – service providers just ping your mobile app for verification.

Q. Is the Nuggets platform free to use?
A. Yes, Nuggets is free for consumers to use. Merchants pay a small fee every time you use Nuggets to log in, pay or verify your identity through their service.

Q. Is Nuggets available worldwide?
A. The Nuggets platform is available globally. We are exploring merchant and payment partnerships in multiple markets.

Q. Why is it called Nuggets?
A. “Nuggets” was the word used by Alastair, our Founder, to explain how “nuggets” of personal data are encrypted in zero knowledge storage in a blockchain. When you decide to share data, the platform only shares the smallest “nugget” of information necessary to complete the transaction.

These nuggets also have value: the more you use the service, the more Nuggets Tokens you’ll gain to pay for products and services. You also gain Tokens by choosing to share data – finally putting a real value on your personal information.


Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any tokens. You should read carefully and understand fully, the Nuggets white paper, including any updates. Every potential token purchaser will be required to undergo an on-boarding process that includes identity verification and certain other documentation, which you should read carefully and understand fully because you will be legal bound. Please make sure to consult with appropriate advisors and others.