Never enter a username,
password, or payment detail again.

Token public sale will begin May 1st, 2018

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Our Vision

We have all been handing control of our sensitive private data to countless online services. That data is vulnerable to breaches, hacks and abuse. Billions of records have been exposed or stolen in recent years.


Nuggets makes that possible – and easy.

Simple, secure payment: Just select the Nuggets option, confirm with your fingerprint (or other biometrics), and you’re done. Without having to share your personal information.

No more passwords: No usernames. No passwords. No ‘What was the name of your mother’s childhood cat?’ And if you ever need to update your details, just do it once – in Nuggets.

Rewards every time: From the moment you sign up, you’re earning Nuggets Tokens. Use them to pay any merchant on the platform. So you can use Nuggets Tokens earned from an airline, say, to help pay for shoes.

This is a revolution in payment, privacy and security.
It transforms the web. We’d love you to be part of it.

Why Nuggets?

Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform. It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets. That means no more data breaches – because companies don’t have to store your data. So you can make payments and use services without worrying about your privacy or security.

What Makes Nuggets Unique

  • Connector.

    Never have to share or store your data again

  • Connector.

    E-commerce payments and ID in one

  • Connector.

    Protect your data with the ultimate security of the blockchain

  • Connector.

    No more data breaches

  • Connector.

    No usernames. No passwords.

  • Connector.

    No endless updating. Update details once, in Nuggets

  • Connector.

    Earn Nuggets Tokens to use with any participating merchant

  • Connector.

    Pay, log in, and verify your identity with your biometrics

  • Connector.

    No need for risk assessment and credit checks

  • Connector.

    Pay with existing payment methods or cryptocurrency


Without storing or sharing your data


All biometric: no passwords And no using your log ins to track you


Prove you’re you

White Paper

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Videos and Audio

Nuggets at Blockchain Summit

Nuggets Founders on The Blockchain Show


Alastair Johnson
Founder & CEO

Alastair has spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur and innovator, almost entirely in digital innovation: taking big ideas and design through to delivery. With deep knowledge across technical, production and commercial areas, he has led global integrated product development and product marketing for brands like Microsoft, Skype, Office, Xbox, Hololens, Disney, TED and the BBC. He has created and led multi-disciplinary global teams in both start-ups and multinational corporations, both client and agency side.

Seema Khinda Johnson
Co founder & COO

Seema has over 18 years’ strategic experience leading teams and delivering large-scale commercialization, products, campaigns and projects. She has successfully launched global products across many regions and cultures for brands like Skype and Microsoft, achieving major user engagement and acquisition.

Adi Ben-Ari
Acting CTO

Adi is respected within the blockchain development community with over 20 years’ hands-on experience designing, developing and leading technology solutions and teams. He has worked across the telco and fintech sectors. A blockchain expert, Adi is CEO of Applied Blockchain – a team of blockchain professionals focused on creating real-world applications that harness the unique properties of the blockchain. Together, they have delivered platform-agnostic products and privacy/security frameworks that deliver real business objectives.

Steve Lau
Senior Strategic Advisor

Leading Business Development & Growth in China. Eagles Fund Founder and Managing partner, Founder and Chairman for China Fortune Holdings Limited, Managing partner of DFJ Dragon Fund. Angel investor behind Beijing V2 Technology Limited.

Sebastian Quinn-Watson
Strategic Advisor

Sebastian is a leading business development, blockchain fundraiser and token sale advisor, focused on Asia and the US. He’s advised on a number of successful and market leading projects, such as Power Ledger, Bluzelle, Simple Token, CanYa, Viberate, and AirSwap. He also sits on the advisory boards of Power Ledger, CanYa and Bluzelle.

Matthew Graham
Strategic Advisor

Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital. Entrepreneur and tech banker with six years of experience bridging international technology to China strategic partners.

Joshua J. Bouw
Senior Strategic Advisor

Joshua develops new partnerships and advises on Nuggets’ technical strategy. An innovator of blockchain technology, he established Blackcoin – the world’s first 100% proof-of-stake currency – in 2014.
Joshua was the receiver of the first ever smart contract, as one of those involved in the BlackHalo and BitHalo smart contracting platform, one of the godfathers of proof-of-stake, Joshua is a popular speaker on alternative currencies, and has represented altcoins at OKCoin and Huobi events.

Sally Eaves
Senior Strategic Advisor

Sally drives Nuggets’ global strategic partnerships. She has a wealth of experience in the worlds of payments, FinTech and blockchain, and is consistently rated in the top 10 for blockchain and social media influence worldwide.

A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is highly experienced Chief Technology Officer, Practising Professor of FinTech and Founder, specialising in disruptive technologies. She is also an accomplished author, and her latest book, Edge of Disruption, will be out in 2018.

Steve Castle FCA
Financial Services

With 35 years’ experience in international financial services, Steve has held leadership level positions at a range companies. including LV= General Insurance (which he helped to grow five-fold, into the UK’s third-largest motor insurer) and RBS Insurance. His wide-ranging experience encompasses work in over 20 countries, and considerable experience of acquisitions and disposals, as well as integration. As an entrepreneur, Steve has also founded, developed and sold two financial services businesses of his own.

Diarmuid Considine
Payments & Fraud

An award-winning risk management leader with over 15 years’ experience in the telecomms and digital goods industries, Diarmuid has a deep understanding of daily operational issues in multinational companies like Skype, Microsoft and Mastercard. Internationally recognised as a leading expert on fraud and payments, he has served on the board, and as Chair of the European Advisory Board, at the Merchant Risk Council.

Mark Nichols
Customer Experience

Mark is a customer-centric, strategic leader with deep delivery experience and a record of transformation and benefit realisation at a global scale. A board-level influencer, he has executed numerous performance improvement strategies and investible end-to-end customer experience initiatives across multiple channels, markets and languages. Mark has held numerous senior leadership roles in organisations including Telefonica, Skype, Microsoft and is currently the VP of Customer Experience at Virgin Mobile USA.

Robert Seok

Rob has been a finance professional for the past 18 years, specialising in media and tech. He has worked in many multinational organizations such as KPMG, UBS, BT, and Virgin Media, in roles ranging from commercial strategy to pricing. He has also helped a tech company successfully IPO on the AIM, in exceptionally challenging conditions.

Andrew Amadeo

Andrew has worked in advertising and marketing for 28 years – 18 of them at management level. He’s led and produced award-winning, innovative work for global brands like Nike, Unilever, P&G, Honda, InBev and Diageo. In recent years, has specialised in multi-channel, integrated consumer campaigns. As a former Creative Chief of Collet Dickinson Pearce, Mustoes and Grey London, he offers a wealth of knowledge, across marketing, creative and leadership perspectives.

Key Dates

September 20
Pre Announcement
December 13
Pre Sale
Q1 2018
Nuggets Alpha Release
May 1
Public Sale Starts
June 2018
Token Distribution